VBS and Kami


My grand-daughter and I had so much fun during Vacation Bible School at Alice Drive Baptist Church. Auntie Emma volunteered and joined the fun, but papa burned his hand and had to stay home. All and all, we had the best time together!!!


Back Home!!


Nadia made it back home and reported to her duty station that week!!!  Pictured with her is one of her pets “Guss”…I know he loves having her back home.

Worth every bit of it!!!


Proud Mom


I am so proud of my daughter Nadia. She graduated from the United States Coast Guard Cape May Bootcamp on June 29, 2012. it was a rough 8 weeks, but she kept with it and was her TANGO-186 Company Yeoman.  Pictured with her is her husband Matt Laub, USCG

And it was all worth it!!!!!!!