Still hanging in there




Join me as I embark on the 90 day fitness challenge with Body by Vi friends and team members.  Check out my website for more details and find out how you can be part of one of the biggest challenges yet!!!

Stay tuned for inspirational posts, favorite recipes for the most delicious shakes and best of all weight loss success.  With nearly 70 pounds of weight loss behind me, my body and me are in need of a new fresh challenge.  I feel like I am at a stale mate with the weight loss and gonna jump in feet first and give it a good go.

Working out has been good and I feel a lot stronger than I did months ago.  I have signed up for another half-marathon in October.  I will be heading to Atlanta to do the All State Life Insurance Half-Marathon.  I have done some research, talked to folks on this challenge first hand and have seen some really amazing results.  It’s a go for me!  If you are up for the ride, check out my site and hop on in with me!!!!

It’ll all be worth it!!!!!!!!