One foot bruised

OUCH ~ It actually looks worse then it feels.


It appears I will be another week with stitches and that means another week of the foot hanging out of the shower. It is amazing the number of uses a Walmart plastic bag can have.

Morton’s Neuroma can be painful, but lucky for me recovery is temporary.



One foot down


Morton’s Neuroma shouldn’t be causing me any more problems in the future. Surgery appears to have been successful.

Don’t settle for pain when there is a solution. You only live once😄


“Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another.”

– Walter Elliott

It has been a long week, but somehow I have managed to stay on top of things.  A little more than a week ago I woke up with some major pain and discomfort.  Embarrassing to admit, but going to the bathroom has turned in to a nightmare for me over the past several years.  Following (what my gut tells me) a botched rectal prolapse surgery I have had to overcome so many complications just to move my bowels.  Without going into the horrid details, once again I developed a new complication that I know is directly related to that “botched rectal prolapse surgery”.  I ended up with a very huge (not small or large) but huge swollen lump to the side of my rectum, but not inside my rectum.  Sitting, standing and sleeping have all been effected.  My regular and mosted trusted family doctor was not available all week, but we knew this crisis had to be tended to and had faith that one of his associates would help us out.  Yes! It is a family problem by this time.  Some precautionary prescriptions, pain killers and suppositories are filled and CT scan is now complete.  Phase two:  WAITING GAME  The worst part!

I am lucky though, cause after a couple days I noticed a difference in swelling and the pain is only there on impact….meaning no bleachers or wooden chairs for me.  After a couple days rest I was not about to give up my exercise routine.  Our pastor preached a great sermon on Sunday about the unsolvable and the Holy Spirit got to talking to me about it.   I am not giving up.  Yes, it is a set-back (and I have had many), but darn it…………..NOT AGAIN!  Prayers, determination and a whole lot of “the devil ain’t getting to me” has been going on.  I can proudly say that I walked a 7 mile course last evening in under 14 minute miles and went to the gym on Monday and rode that “comfy over-sized seat” bike.  I even went out Sunday afternoon and did about 5 miles in honor of my daughter while she is away at USCG boot-camp.  She has a boot on her foot and is on light duty and can’t run the off-base run with her company.  I ran it in her place right here in town.

Because I had to have my CT scan Tuesday morning I wasn’t able to get to Weight-Watcher weigh-in.  I don’t think I have had a set back in my weight, but just in case that half bag of chips and now empty box Cheez-its washed down with a Sonic Watermelon slushy gets any inclination of traveling to my hips I have decided to put a microscope on those Points Plus for a day or two.  Shame on me, but delightfully satisfied I am.

It’ll all be worth it