Jace’s Secret

Meet Jace aka “Bubbie”.  He is our first grandson and the first boy in this family to come along  in quite awhile.  We aren’t ashamed to admit that he is a bit spoiled.  One thing for sure though, he WILL follow a long line of girls who advocate for chemical free bath products. Since day #1, our “Bubbie” has used a special goat milk soap formulated specifically for him.

I remember testing day very clearly.   In other words,  mommy approval day in our household.   My  youngest daughter, Emma aka mommy, was present to do the ingredient & scent approval.  Keep in mind, only the finest essential oils are used in the making.  And, WOW – Fabulous Final Product stamped with a BIG mommy & grandma approval.    With just months to go before Jace would make  his arrival,  his very own delicate, yet powerful soap, sat on the curing rack like a fine wine waiting to be perfected.


quality control unit

January 14, 2016 Jace makes his arrival and life is grand!

Grandma holds Jace

Going Home

The Gaurdians

Love this little boy

Up until now, we have kept this little secret to ourselves, but as the saying goes, “it’s too good not to share”.  Jace’s skin is so delicate that the thought of using bath products with chemicals makes us cringe.  Jace’s bath time was always followed with a blend of chamomile, lavender and  ylang ylang essential oils, in our signature product, Natasha’s Premium Whipped Body Souffle.

Natasha’s Premium Whipped Body Souffle

Find out more about Natasha’s Premium Whipped Body Souffle here
Jace was born with eczema on his back.  We found it out shortly after he was born that his father and uncles have the same skin condition on their backs.  After several attempts to perfect a product that would have all the healthy skin advantages as our Body Souffle, we found a great combination of Shea butter and other quality, chemical free butters and oils that protect and nourish his skin the way it needs.  In short, we intend on on pamering our “Bubbie’s” skin.  This isn’t to say that his Auntie’s Body Souffle wasn’t helping or doing it’s job, but after playing around with a few combinations and amounts, we found something that seemed to help his skin long after bath and bedtime applications were applied.  His other grandma says “Jace always smells so good” and we know why 😀.   Between Jace’s Bath-time Soap and his Good Night Whipped Shea Blend, he is one happy baby!!

Perfected just for Baby

Whipped Shea Blend in the Making

Want to see what a happy baby looks like during Bath-time?

Baby Jace 6 1/2 months old

I think about the Huggies commercial – Hugs are the secret to keeping a baby happy and healthy. Huggies® believes in the power of hugs as well. Hugs strengthen the baby’s immune system, hugs improves brain development……Watch commercial here
SoapSense also believes in happy, healthy babies. Did you know Most children are exposed to a scary number of chemicals on a daily basis, and even babies are born with chemicals in their umbilical blood. Too many to count products and shampoos contain chemicals that are not safe for baby. Did you know that many baby shampoos (including J&J) have some of the worst chemical ratings and baby oil is  liquid petroleum oil with some added (artificial) fragrances. How scary is that?

Whatever you put on your baby’s skin is being absorbed into the bloodstream – actually, 60% of whatever you put on is being absorbed.  Parents and grandparents beware!!!

Quote from Dr. Edward Group, “Most people actively try to minimize the amount of toxins that enter their body. They eat good food, they drink purified water, they breathe purified air, and some even take added measures to detoxify their body. However, what many people don’t realize is that toxins can be absorbed through their skin. No time is this more important than when deciding what kind of soap to use. Given the industrious process used to produce many of the commonly known soaps, it’s not a surprise that most contain questionable chemicals, dyes, and fragrances… questionable substances that many of us would be better off avoiding. If you want to minimize the “casual toxins” you and your family are exposed to, consider using Natural or Organic bath products.”

You can read more of Dr. Edward Group’s article here Learn more about protecting your skin here (click link)

Now that you know why we are sharing Jace’s Secret, we hope you will share his secret with your family and friends too.  It is just too good and beneficial to our skin and health to keep it to ourselves.  starting with good,  clean,  early skin care, might just be one of the biggest preventative measures you take in your child’s life.  Although, we may be sharing Jace’s secret with you,  his two grandma’s aren’t quite willing to share him yet 😃😉😊. But you can certainly enjoy the Happy Healthy Baby Pictures with us!

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SoapSense’s Happy Baby

I have a Secret 😂😂😂

MaMa & Jace

PaPa and his happy boy Jace




“Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another.”

– Walter Elliott

It has been a long week, but somehow I have managed to stay on top of things.  A little more than a week ago I woke up with some major pain and discomfort.  Embarrassing to admit, but going to the bathroom has turned in to a nightmare for me over the past several years.  Following (what my gut tells me) a botched rectal prolapse surgery I have had to overcome so many complications just to move my bowels.  Without going into the horrid details, once again I developed a new complication that I know is directly related to that “botched rectal prolapse surgery”.  I ended up with a very huge (not small or large) but huge swollen lump to the side of my rectum, but not inside my rectum.  Sitting, standing and sleeping have all been effected.  My regular and mosted trusted family doctor was not available all week, but we knew this crisis had to be tended to and had faith that one of his associates would help us out.  Yes! It is a family problem by this time.  Some precautionary prescriptions, pain killers and suppositories are filled and CT scan is now complete.  Phase two:  WAITING GAME  The worst part!

I am lucky though, cause after a couple days I noticed a difference in swelling and the pain is only there on impact….meaning no bleachers or wooden chairs for me.  After a couple days rest I was not about to give up my exercise routine.  Our pastor preached a great sermon on Sunday about the unsolvable and the Holy Spirit got to talking to me about it.   I am not giving up.  Yes, it is a set-back (and I have had many), but darn it…………..NOT AGAIN!  Prayers, determination and a whole lot of “the devil ain’t getting to me” has been going on.  I can proudly say that I walked a 7 mile course last evening in under 14 minute miles and went to the gym on Monday and rode that “comfy over-sized seat” bike.  I even went out Sunday afternoon and did about 5 miles in honor of my daughter while she is away at USCG boot-camp.  She has a boot on her foot and is on light duty and can’t run the off-base run with her company.  I ran it in her place right here in town.

Because I had to have my CT scan Tuesday morning I wasn’t able to get to Weight-Watcher weigh-in.  I don’t think I have had a set back in my weight, but just in case that half bag of chips and now empty box Cheez-its washed down with a Sonic Watermelon slushy gets any inclination of traveling to my hips I have decided to put a microscope on those Points Plus for a day or two.  Shame on me, but delightfully satisfied I am.

It’ll all be worth it

I did it, I’m a DIVA

DIVA ALL THE WAY!  It was a day to remember.  The N. Myrtle Beach DIVA Half-marathon.  I was up by 4am, showered, ate a banana with crunchy peanut butter, drank a Monster Re-hab and enjoyed a serving of yogurt.  I had to wake up extra early to be sure I had my heels wrapped just perfect to prevent my infamous blisters from re-appearing and causing havoc all over again.  All the while I was wrapping and taping I kept saying inside, “I bet Cindy won’t wake up til 15 minutes before we have to leave”.  I was trying not let the aggravation of having to spend so much time preparing for the run interfere with the adrenalin that I knew was going to follow.  It took me every minute of that time to prepare to walk out the door.  Once we ventured outside it wasn’t too chilly or brisk.  We were able to spend one afternoon at the beach, but for the most part the days were breezy, rainy and chilled.  But this morning was just right.  There was something in the air.  Once we arrived to the destination parking was a breeze.  We planned for extra time to find parking and walking.  With over 4,000 DIVAs about to be upon one area it was the right thing to prepare for.  Everything was just falling into place.  I think I tied and retied my shoes about a dozen times each before I finally gave up and admitted to myself that they will never be loose enough or tight enough to make me happy and once the event started I would forget about any discomfort.  With my new DIVA race top and my new nifty hydration pack, I sported the pink nails, socks and headband and joined the coral of pink.  It was my zone time and I soaked it up.  I will admit that I scoped the area and pre-judged some figures to imagine how simple it would be to not be last.  And yes I secretly wondered how many other DIVAs were scoping me out as an easy pass.

I felt great, my feet felt great, my back felt good and not once did I have to go the bathroom after the start.  I may have gone a half-dozen times prior, but during I didn’t even half to go once.  I sorta chuckled at all the DIVAs stopping at port-a-potties along the way.  I was finally glad to see others had their own struggles.

About the five mile mark my hubby Bill and friend Marcel handed off a banana to me and got a few candid shots of me shuffling along.  I was sure to stop at every water station to hydrate and even took some Gatorade at two of them.  I filled my 2 8oz hydration bottles with  sports water and had an energy boost packet for the half way point.  So many people came out to cheer us on.  We enjoyed jugglers on the side of the road, kind souls hosing us down with water as we passed by, lots of smiles and go get em signs and even the traffic police were giving us the thumbs up.

I finished in about 3hours and 6minutes.  Just over 14min/miles.  As I crossed the finish line I huffed and puffed it and ran across for the cameras.  A crown on my head, a pink boa around my neck and a medal hanging off the shoulders I was good to go and couldn’t stop smiling.  Once finished we were given a rose and guided to the champagne and picture area.  I knew better than to attempt to drink any alcohol so I headed right tot the portrait area.  I wanted my picture taken with the DIVA background and though the line was long and the sun was hot, I was waiting.  Ok, I admit, I did search out the bananas, bagels, pizza, granola bars, etc. as I stood in line.  I was hungry.  Another strange thing happened.  My hubby Bill found me and took a few photos, as a matter of fact, one of the photos above was taken prior to me passing out cold.  I told my husband how bad I wanted my picture taken but I really knew that I shouldn’t be stopping like this and standing still right after a 13.1 mile event.  But dammit, I wanted that picture and I deserved that picture.  As we stood in line my vision got blurry and than I told Bill I couldn’t see.  He kept saying “your fine honey, drink some water”.  I drank some more water and my vision became a little clearer, but not for long this time.  Next thing out of my mouth was “I’m going to pass out”.  Bill says, “no honey, your not going to pass out, drink some water”.  I drank some more water and I repeated that I really didn’t feel quite right and I was really gonna pass out.  When he said to drink some more water my final reply was “I don’t want more water”. I was gonna go down and I just knew it.  I reached over to grab something and found myself waking up on the ground with a lot of nice people all around me trying to help and telling me to drink some water.  After a bit of time being shaded by legs in the hot sun I was picked up by some strong young men, wheeled off onto a stretcher and safely tucked away in the medic tent.  There is where I got to see my sister.  I kept wanting to see my sister and make sure she was ok.  She was! I really hugged her as hard as I could, but I know it wasn’t a very strong hug cause not one part of me was feeling very strong at that moment.

Enough with the water and ice.  I wanted ice-cream.  I wanted something sweet.  It took awhile to get myself pulled back together.  A couple tries standing on my own.  Walking in my socks felt good though.  We made it to the car and the next stop was ice-cream.  I ate that ice-cream good.  Forget the water.  Ice cream is the way to go.  From there I was whisked to the motel room, showered, then packed and we were headed home.  But wait, not until my hubby got his sea-food meal.  I’m thinking “really?” I could have gone for another dish of ice-cream, but now I got to sit through a sea-food feast.  I guess it was the least I could do.  I talked some sense into my brain and convinced myself I needed to eat a good meal too.  I confess.  IT WAS GOOD!  I slept most of the way home, kissed the puppies hello and then headed off to bed early.

It is three days later and I’m still a DIVA going strong.  Wow, what a time we had.  I’ll do it all over again too.  Gonna find my next big adventure and start training again. 

And why will I do it again?  Cause it’ll all be worth it.

P.S. Did I mention I am down 62lbs as of my last weigh-in yesterday? That is right, It’ll all be worth it

December 29, 2011

I’m getting ready for 2012!!!

Take a look at the new me.  Keep in mind….I’ve lost nearly 40lbs on Weight Watchers so far and am on track to keep up the good work.  2012 is my year to be healthy and fit!

Just the other day I beat my own personal walking record and completed a 3.1 mile walk averaging 4:01 min. per mile.

I got some new winter weather workout clothing and very excited about trying them out.  What a great Christmas persent!!!

I took my daughter Nadia on a five mile walk Christmas Eve and I think I impressed her with my speed.  She would try to jog ahead so she could rest some since she couldn’t keep up with my fast walking pace.  It was great fun!

Look out 2012

It’ll all be worth it!!!





November 17, 2011

Between the gym and our local Dillon Park walking trail, I have been pretty busy trying to get fit.  I took a 12.8 mile virtual bike ride at Anytime Fitness and then hit the weights and completed the workout with some great stretches.  I have a sweaty picture to prove how hard I worked out too.

Tonight I completed a 4.05mi power walk in 1:00:05 with a pace of 14.49mins/mile.  My goal is walking a 15 or less mins/mile for my half marathon in May.  I just have to add the distance now.  I have to admit, I’m pooped!!!  Came home to nibble on some Weight Watcher cheese and Weight Watcher yogurt and a big bowl of black eyed peas and green beans.  Yummy yum yum! I’m definately going to enjoy my Skinny Cow tonight!

My other half his off to his third Thursday meal and shooting at the Indigo Club.  It is a man thing.  I’m sure he is enjoying himself just as much as me though.  I just know

It’ll all be worth it

I love my gym

October 21, 2011


It was a magical night last evening at Dillon Park.  I was eager to head to the walking trail after my meeting at the church.  It was me and another solo runner under the moon.  The moon lit up the area with very little help from the park’s nite lights.  I didn’t give walking in the dark any negative thoughts.  I have had too happy of a feeling since I found out I wasn’t doing laps, but rather miles at a time.  I was pumped as my stride grew faster and faster to the country music blasting through my headphones.  What a great feeling to be accomplishing something after all.

One hard to explain issue that I seem to coming up against is my craving for Skinny Cow ice-cream treats.  What is a gir to do?  All I want in the evenings is my Skinny Cow.  How long can I go before this bad habit affects my weight loss or nutrition goals? YIKES!! I better be a little more self concious about getting more veggies and less ice-cream in me.  All in all, I still don’t go over my Points-Plus limits.  I just need more balance in the points I eat.

Bill purchased two new pair of jeans yesterday and it was very noticeable how good he is looking.  He came to my work and took me out for dinner and I immediately saw I trimmed up specimen of a hunky husband walk in.  I in turn pulled some jeans out of my closet this morning and who would have ever guessed, they fit.  It had been awhile since I purchased them and haven’t been able to zip them up, but this morning they went right up and are fitting very comfortable.  Some day I will be in some skinny jeans and

It will all have been worth it

September 14, 2011

Last night was a bust for me!  I was so excited and my expectations of at least a 3lb weight loss came tumbling down when the lady reading the scale said “.4lbs”.  My heart just sank and to be honest, I was disappointed and frustrated and just wanted to crawl in a hole.  All that hard work staying on my points plus plan and even adding a little excercise to my daily routine felt like it was all for nothing.  I leaned against the wall waiting for Bill to come back from his weight loss check in.  What happened next was too depressing!

My wonderfuly loving husband lost 3.6lbs which resulted in his topping the 15lb weight loss mark.  How could that be? One, he doesn’t even try to exercise.  Two, he nearly always goes over his points.  Three, in a bind he grabs a burger in the fast food lane and four, it just isn’t fair!!!!  We skipped the meeting and I sulked the whole ride home.  I was so glad we drove separate vehicles because I wouldn’t have wanted to burst his bubble.  Once we got in the door I asked him, “ready for the gym?”  Of course he didn’t want to go to the gym, he had a long tiring day.  Ugh! Another little pout and he gave in to my request.  I think he felt sorry for me and knew I was feeling the need to try harder.

Met an old friend named Roy at the gym.  It was so good to see him.  He has some health issues and it was good to get caught up and as usual, I left feeling more encouraged.  God places people in our paths at just the right moments.

On another positive note–my clothing is fitting looser and I reached my 10lb weight loss mark!

This evening I went to the park and walked 1/2 mile in 37 minutes.  I have a long long way to go, but

It will all be worth it