It starts in the kitchen

They say Exercise is only 20% of your fit program and the other 80% belongs in the kitchen. Organic cereal from Aldi’s and some fresh blueberries seemed to be the perfect combination for a healthy start to the day.

Following breakfast, I was eager to push the limits on a morning walk. Today marks three weeks since I had foot surgery. I’m so thankful for a good recovery and even though it is still a bit tender, I was able to get a good 6 miler in.


I never forget the water consumption that is required for a healthy diet either. Half your body weight in ounces. I still have to remind my self daily. That is a lot of water for me! After consuming nearly 50 oz of water it was time to prepare some lunch.

I juiced up some cucumber, celery, kale, ginger, banana, strawberries, carrots and some ice-cubes my NINJA.

Somewhere between 5pm and 6pm my husband brought home some fried fish and biscuits from Red Lobster. I did good, I only consumed one piece of fish and two of those delicious biscuits. That wasn’t so bad–so I thought. However, just moments ago I enjoyed a nice bowl of Butter Pecan ice cream. I seriously emptied the bowl. I did resist the urge to lick it like the way I did when I was a kid. ūüėĄ


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Knowing that I burned 1,400 calories during my workout and I need a good 1200 daily not to mess up my metabolism, I'm patting myself on the back for being fit and healthy today. After all, One day at a time and it'll all work out.


Still at it


I’ve not gone anywhere. Still working hard on my weight loss journey. last weigh in I dropped one whole pound. i am so close to the 70 pound mark! can’t wait to post 70 pounds dropped!!!!!

it’ll all be worth it


“Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another.”

– Walter Elliott

It has been a long week, but somehow I have managed to stay on top of things.¬† A little more than a week ago I woke up with some major pain and discomfort.¬† Embarrassing to admit, but going to the bathroom has turned in to a nightmare for me over the past several years.¬† Following (what my gut tells me) a botched rectal prolapse surgery I have had to overcome so many complications just to move my bowels.¬† Without going into the horrid details, once again I developed a new complication that I know is directly related to that “botched rectal prolapse surgery”.¬† I ended up with a very huge (not small or large) but huge swollen lump to the side of my rectum, but not inside my rectum.¬† Sitting, standing and sleeping have all been effected.¬† My regular and mosted trusted family doctor was not available all week, but we knew this crisis had to be tended to and had faith that one of his associates would help us out.¬† Yes! It is a family problem by this time.¬† Some precautionary prescriptions, pain killers and suppositories are filled and CT scan is now complete.¬† Phase two:¬† WAITING GAME¬† The worst part!

I am lucky though, cause after a couple days I noticed a difference in swelling and the pain is only there on impact….meaning no bleachers or wooden chairs for me.¬† After a couple days rest I was not about to give up my exercise routine.¬† Our pastor preached a great sermon on Sunday about the unsolvable and the Holy Spirit got to talking to me about it.¬†¬† I am not giving up.¬† Yes, it is a set-back (and I have had many), but darn it…………..NOT AGAIN!¬† Prayers, determination and a whole lot of “the devil ain’t getting to me” has been going on.¬† I can proudly say that I walked a 7 mile course last evening in under 14 minute miles and went to the gym on Monday and rode that “comfy over-sized seat” bike.¬† I even went out Sunday afternoon and did about 5 miles in honor of my daughter while she is away at USCG boot-camp.¬† She has a boot on her foot and is on light duty and can’t run the off-base run with her company.¬† I ran it in her place right here in town.

Because I had to have my CT scan Tuesday morning I wasn’t able to get to Weight-Watcher weigh-in.¬† I don’t think I have had a set back in my weight, but just in case that half bag of chips and now empty box Cheez-its washed down with a Sonic Watermelon slushy gets any inclination of traveling to my hips I have decided to put a microscope on those Points Plus for a day or two.¬† Shame on me, but delightfully satisfied I am.

It’ll all be worth it

It’s all about the cake

My little girl turns 19 today.¬† When I arrived home last evening my kitchen was filled with the aroma of cake.¬† On the counter top sat four different colors of icing, Emma’s friend Emily decorating a birthday cake and Emma shoving a second tray of cupcakes in the oven.¬† What did I walk in to now.

The girls were happy and I was trying to figure out how to get out of there without indulging in designer cupcakes.  Oh my goodness!  Both my husband and I just had to test them out.  Before they were all decorated Emma covered one in chocolate and let me have it.  It was still so warm and the chocolate icing was so good.  I downed some skim milk with it and quickly changed for the gym.  Anytime Fitness to the rescue!

I’m learning self-control, confidence and recognizing that rewarding yourself or celebrating once in a while with good baked sweets isn’t so bad.¬† It is all in moderation and that is why

It will all be worth it

May 12th Family Run/Walk

This is how our family does it!!!¬† How awesome! Three Generations.¬† It was the best fun ever.¬† It was Natasha, Bill, Emma and Kami’s first official entry on a run.¬† My Emma did her first 5K and I was so proud of her.¬† Bill and our grand-daughter also did a 5k while Natasha, Nadia and I did the 10K.¬† A Kodak moment for the memory books and a time for the HEART!


It’ll all be worth it

January 18, 2012

Who was it that said, “you’ll never race again”?¬† Oh yea, that was my ex-husband and along with those words came a beating with a baseball bat not to mention the times he threw me over a tub, tackled me to the floor, tried to run me down with a truck, threatened to kill me, kicked my knees, tried to break my back, gave me black eyes and countless other injuries over the shortlived marital NON-BLISS.¬† Guess I’m showing him.¬† Oh wait! There was this pastor that said I wasn’t suppose to take my marriage problems outside of the home or that Dr. that said sometimes you just have to accept how things are and replace your hobbies with new ones.¬† Yes, I have encountered some of the less encouraging people in this world, but it is time to thank the ones who have encouraged me and stood by me, even if I did moan, groan and feel sorry for myself along the way.

Sometimes it is hard to get over things, but then again, sometimes it just takes time.¬† Who is anyone to judge how much time one needs to move on and get their groove back?¬† Certainly not me!¬† I’m about to turn the big 5-o this year and I finally feel like my old self again, only a newer and much wiser, richer, content version.¬† I wasn’t always able to say that I learned life’s lessons, but I can finally say “I get it!”¬† It isn’t about me, it is about my Higher Power.¬† God’s Grace and Mercy.

As a kid, I was told my biological father apparently sold me and my two sisters¬† for the cost of a bottle of booze.¬† And they wonder why I have “daddy issues”.¬† Being beaten with a belt and thrown down the stairs as a kid was nothing compared to my early teens when I was¬† raped by a youth pastor and threatened by my mother–“now your father is going to jail because he is going after that guy and he will get arrested because you told him what happened to you.”¬† ‘Daddy issues’ once again resurrected.¬† Thank you mom!¬† When I think back on it, my dad was more of a comfort in tough times then my mom.¬† When I refer to dad, I mean my adoptive father, cause he is my real dad.¬† Just because someone has a biological father, doesn’t make him a daddy.¬† It just makes him a part of your life and¬† part of your blood.¬† I certainly didn’t get very good blood relative feelings growing up with my supposedly aunts, uncles and cousins.¬† Every time you turned a corner and left the room someone was always reminding someone else that my dad wasn’t our real father.¬† When I look back, I probably wasn’t really having “daddy issues”, I was having everyone else issues and “mommy issues”.¬† So what, my dad had a hot temper and used the belt on us and we graduated from the school of hard knocks.¬† I don’t think I turned out so bad.¬† Life isn’t always about the sweet things….some times people just got to suck it up and

It will all be worth it!!!

November 15, 2011

A picture is worth a thousand words!!  Bill and I both got our Weight Watcher key chains and a 25lb charm today!  I have lost 27.6lbs and Bill a whopping 26.8lbs.  We have now both reached our goal of loosing 10% of our body weight!



Workout: Walk  (Toby)
Date: Nov 14, 2011
Distance: 3.00 mi
Duration: 43:13   (met goal of under 15 min. again)

It will all be worth it!

November 12, 2011


It has been a long couple of days!! First, let me catch you up on weigh in day.¬† I have reached a loss of 24 pounds and currently stand in a dead tie with my dear hubby.¬† Twenty-four is our magic number this week.¬† I am still the ever faithful, never go over, leave the extra points alone person¬†while Bill holds¬†firm to his stretch those points as far as they will go and use every last weekly point available kind of¬†guy.¬† I just don’t know how he manages it.¬† I exercise, take advantage of our gym membership, walk, walk and than walk some more and he just comes home and relaxes after a hard day at work.¬† I keep warning him that it will eventually catch up to him and he better do as I do.

I’ve managed to reach a 7 mile long walk this past week and stick to the 4 and 5 mile training days with the gym on off days when I’m feeling up to it.¬† I’ve consistently told my sister to keep up the cross-training, so I don’t dare slack off in that area.¬† Dec. 17th will be here before we know it, then March and then our ultimate “Diva” event at the beach in May.¬† After that I will be looking to walk the next walker friendly marathon.¬† I’m looking forward to spending some time with Cindy and doing a little traveling with her as we experience the fitness geek in us.¬† I was so proud of her last Saturday.¬† She ran her first 10k race and took first place in her age group.¬† She is certainly my sister!!! A chip off the old block.¬† I sat by my phone the entire race and¬†anticipated her call and received it within minutes of her expected finish time.¬† Awesome!!!

My crisis this week came in the form of a toothache.  Major, minor and excruciating pain over a couple days.  Trip to the dentist and loaded with antibiotics and pain medication.  Suffering a slight sore throat and congestion along with an awful ear ache.  Hopefully after the first of the year I can see a specialist and have it fixed.  In the meantime eating minimum points should be a breeze since it hurts so dawg gone much!  My most embarrassing moment this week was becoming ill at work and having to have someone drive me home.  Did I make it all the way home in one piece? yes, but not without having to pull over and throw the rest of my guts up.  Nothing can stop me from my training workouts though and I know

It’ll all be worth it!!


October 21, 2011


It was a magical night last evening at Dillon Park.¬† I was eager to head to the walking trail after my meeting at the church.¬† It was me and another solo runner under the moon.¬† The moon lit up the area with very little help from the park’s nite lights.¬† I didn’t give walking in the dark any negative thoughts.¬† I¬†have had too happy of a feeling¬†since I found out I wasn’t doing laps, but rather miles at a time.¬† I was pumped¬†as my¬†stride grew faster and faster to the country music blasting through my headphones.¬† What a great feeling to be accomplishing something after all.

One¬†hard to explain issue that I¬†seem to coming¬†up against is my craving for Skinny Cow ice-cream treats.¬† What is a gir to do?¬† All I want in the evenings is my Skinny Cow.¬† How long can I go before this bad habit¬†affects my weight loss or nutrition goals? YIKES!! I better be a little more self concious about getting more veggies and less ice-cream in me.¬† All in all, I still don’t go over my Points-Plus limits.¬† I just need more balance in the points I eat.

Bill purchased two new pair of jeans yesterday and it was very noticeable how good he is looking.¬† He came to my work and took me out for dinner and I immediately saw I trimmed up¬†specimen of a hunky husband walk in.¬† I in turn pulled some jeans out of my closet this morning and who would have ever guessed, they fit.¬† It had been awhile since¬†I purchased them and haven’t been¬†able to¬†zip them up, but this morning they went right up and are fitting very comfortable.¬† Some day I will be in some skinny jeans and

It will all have been worth it