Still hanging in there




Join me as I embark on the 90 day fitness challenge with Body by Vi friends and team members.  Check out my website for more details and find out how you can be part of one of the biggest challenges yet!!!

Stay tuned for inspirational posts, favorite recipes for the most delicious shakes and best of all weight loss success.  With nearly 70 pounds of weight loss behind me, my body and me are in need of a new fresh challenge.  I feel like I am at a stale mate with the weight loss and gonna jump in feet first and give it a good go.

Working out has been good and I feel a lot stronger than I did months ago.  I have signed up for another half-marathon in October.  I will be heading to Atlanta to do the All State Life Insurance Half-Marathon.  I have done some research, talked to folks on this challenge first hand and have seen some really amazing results.  It’s a go for me!  If you are up for the ride, check out my site and hop on in with me!!!!

It’ll all be worth it!!!!!!!!


I did it

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I tied for third place in the female age group 40-49! How awesome is that? Ok, so there were only four of us in that age group, but I was the oldest and had the most disabilities. I’d say that makes me a winner.

It was all TRAIL trekking too. The race started off downhill on gravel, then up-hill on dirt, around the turns in sand, through  fields full of bugs and lots and lots of sunshine. I was able to partner up with another gal for the last couple of miles. Cheryl sure helped me to keep up my pace and as we crossed that finish line with big smiles on our faces. Our time was 1:20:21 with a pace of 12:56 min/mile. I had such a great time.

After the race I headed to Francis Marion to pick up my daughter Emma and we treated ourselves to a great lunch at FATZ CAFE. I figured since I ended up walking up and down to her three story high dorm helping to load some stuff up to ease the final move out of the dorms for the summer I needed a little more of a treat. They have the best Club sandwich.

Home relaxing now. I think I enjoyed my shower almost as much as I enjoyed the 10k. I have my race tee-shirt on and I’m basking in my victory.

it’ll all be worth it!!!


2012 Challenge

That is right, the DIVA challenge I set last year is quickly approaching.  I am a little anxious about it, but very motivated.  My sister is coming in from PA the week of and we will be able to share the strategy of food fuel that entire week.  I will get to take her on some of my training routes and share some of my secrets.  I can’t wait to hear her tricks on training too.

My work out at the gym was a bit of a struggle yesterday.  My knees were popping on the bike and the elliptical was making me feel all out of whack.  I don’t like to walk or even simulate walking  anytime my knees are forced to go over my feet.  Does that make sense?  I wear size 11 sneaker and where my hands have to hold the machine it makes my knees feel crammed and my body not so lined up.  I may have to rethink that training.  It is all about what is best on my knees and posture right now.  I can’t afford anymore knee problems.  As it is I am funding the ace bandage and tape for stock holders already.

I really would like to drop another 5 pounds by the DIVA half marathon challenge, but I also want to be sure to stay fueled for the training.  I switched to gummy adult vitamins because the others were making me sick and queezy mid-morning.  So far so good and I am happy with the switch.  It makes me feel like a kid too! I still take my calcium supplements in CHEW form so I am good to go.  I have to stop getting into those SnackWell creme cookies though.  They are killing me!!!

Tonight it will be pasta, no sauce, but plenty of cheese.  I signed up for a 10k in Florence this weekend and want to be ready.  I will have a chance to wear my new compression capri length running pants.  I actually bought them off the rack in an X-large.  No plus size for this woman!!! I can’t wait for weigh-in Tuesday.  I am hoping to top the 60lb weight loss mark.

I will be sure and take pictures with my IPHONE tomorrow morning and post my results.  Hoping the result is FINISHING in one piece.  I’m going to do this alone and that is my fear factor challenge for the day.  I have a new GPS and printed directions and just hope and pray I don’t get lost.  I have no sense of direction.  Good thing is I am not afraid to stop and ask, but would hate to wake someone at that early hour in the morning.  Well, off I go til tomorrow when I will be able to say once again:

It’ll all be worth it!!!!!!!

November 1, 2011

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving Month!!!

I decided to bite the bullet today and wear my winter clothing for weigh-in.  I just can’t bring myself to show up in shorts and a tank on a cold winter’s day. I braced myself for the added material gain and breathed a sigh of relief when the scale only showed a 1lb gain.  I think that means I maintained!! Good news for me!  I wore a full winter sweater with a tank top underneath and long warm pants.  Now, a person of my size has extra added material to add.  Imagine being a size 4 and just having to claim an ounce or two of material…NO!  I claim a size 22 and that is worth a pound or more of material.  This time the scale leans to my side.

It has been a rather long week full of lots of activity.  I had a great work out at the gym and several days of walking the mile long track at the park.  On Friday night we enjoyed a Halloween Party at a friend’s home and for the first time I dug into my 49 extra allotted points plus.  I was careful not to taste test too much and I was very aware of the size of German chocolate cake I was eating.  That was some kind of good eating too!!

My wonderfully good looking husband had a successful weigh-in also.  He managed to lose 1.4 pounds and can brag about losing 10% of his body fat.  I think we will celebrate with a Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich tonight.

It’ll all be worth it!