Hard to choose

Homemade SoapSense

As a homemade natural soap-maker, I have a variety of homemade, wonderfully scented, colorful soaps throughout the bathroom. I have at least eight bars in the shower. It is like Christmas every morning and every other time throughout the day I find a good excuse to re-shower.

I started my morning with Nadia’s Goat Milk Soap, shaved my legs with Cindy’s Citrus and washed my face with Lavendar Breeze. After that I decided to clean the house. I felt sweaty and dirty once the house was spotless. Off to the tub I went. This go around called for my ENERGY bar. I felt even more awake and energized after a second shower. This called for a trip to the gym. I knew it would be a great workout. I was energized! After all, I try to exercise each day. Sometimes for my health and sometimes because I need another good…

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