It’s all about the cake

My little girl turns 19 today.  When I arrived home last evening my kitchen was filled with the aroma of cake.  On the counter top sat four different colors of icing, Emma’s friend Emily decorating a birthday cake and Emma shoving a second tray of cupcakes in the oven.  What did I walk in to now.

The girls were happy and I was trying to figure out how to get out of there without indulging in designer cupcakes.  Oh my goodness!  Both my husband and I just had to test them out.  Before they were all decorated Emma covered one in chocolate and let me have it.  It was still so warm and the chocolate icing was so good.  I downed some skim milk with it and quickly changed for the gym.  Anytime Fitness to the rescue!

I’m learning self-control, confidence and recognizing that rewarding yourself or celebrating once in a while with good baked sweets isn’t so bad.  It is all in moderation and that is why

It will all be worth it


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