Monday here again

The weekend went by way too fast.  I found a new weekend hangout where water and sand exists.  Emma and I headed to Cheraw State Park Sunday after lunch.  We visited with her best friend Emily and her momma and sister.  We’ve all been family friends for quite a few years and it was great to see them all again.  We hung out at the lake, which they call “Cheraw Beach” that recently opened up after years of the swimming area being closed down.  Something about some alligator they said and former park ranger.  I’m so glad the new park ranger got things up and running and beautified it for all the good people of South Carolina to visit and have fun.   Of course, people from all over the world I am sure are welcomed to join in on the fun.

Saturday I pulled out my rusty dusty all terrain pedal bike and went on a 20 mile ride.  It was great to be on the bike again.  I decided I would give the knees and feet a rest from pounding on the sidewalks and streets for a couple days, but didn’t want to cut out a good outdoor workout all together.  As for my Weight Watcher Plus eating habits this week, I didn’t do too bad.  I did eat a homemade soft pretzel my daughter made on Sunday, but watched very carefully what I consumed the rest of the day.  Emma did the drive thru at Sonic during Happy Hour where all slushies and drinks are half price and I splurged with more then just one sip of her watermelon slushie.  Dang, that was good.  I even had a few sips from one on Sunday too.  I think I need to keep a distance from here on out though.  I can’t let them points creep up on me.

I have been indulging in fresh fruits and veggies and beans and rice are still up on top as a favorite meal.  The other night we made some pasta with hamburg and a white sauce and that was a good treat.  Bill went and bought some garlic bread to go with it and I hadn’t the heart to turn it down. hahahaha One piece can’t hurt, can it?

Tomorrow is weigh in and I’m looking forward to seeing the results.

It will all be worth it!


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