I did it, I’m a DIVA

DIVA ALL THE WAY!  It was a day to remember.  The N. Myrtle Beach DIVA Half-marathon.  I was up by 4am, showered, ate a banana with crunchy peanut butter, drank a Monster Re-hab and enjoyed a serving of yogurt.  I had to wake up extra early to be sure I had my heels wrapped just perfect to prevent my infamous blisters from re-appearing and causing havoc all over again.  All the while I was wrapping and taping I kept saying inside, “I bet Cindy won’t wake up til 15 minutes before we have to leave”.  I was trying not let the aggravation of having to spend so much time preparing for the run interfere with the adrenalin that I knew was going to follow.  It took me every minute of that time to prepare to walk out the door.  Once we ventured outside it wasn’t too chilly or brisk.  We were able to spend one afternoon at the beach, but for the most part the days were breezy, rainy and chilled.  But this morning was just right.  There was something in the air.  Once we arrived to the destination parking was a breeze.  We planned for extra time to find parking and walking.  With over 4,000 DIVAs about to be upon one area it was the right thing to prepare for.  Everything was just falling into place.  I think I tied and retied my shoes about a dozen times each before I finally gave up and admitted to myself that they will never be loose enough or tight enough to make me happy and once the event started I would forget about any discomfort.  With my new DIVA race top and my new nifty hydration pack, I sported the pink nails, socks and headband and joined the coral of pink.  It was my zone time and I soaked it up.  I will admit that I scoped the area and pre-judged some figures to imagine how simple it would be to not be last.  And yes I secretly wondered how many other DIVAs were scoping me out as an easy pass.

I felt great, my feet felt great, my back felt good and not once did I have to go the bathroom after the start.  I may have gone a half-dozen times prior, but during I didn’t even half to go once.  I sorta chuckled at all the DIVAs stopping at port-a-potties along the way.  I was finally glad to see others had their own struggles.

About the five mile mark my hubby Bill and friend Marcel handed off a banana to me and got a few candid shots of me shuffling along.  I was sure to stop at every water station to hydrate and even took some Gatorade at two of them.  I filled my 2 8oz hydration bottles with  sports water and had an energy boost packet for the half way point.  So many people came out to cheer us on.  We enjoyed jugglers on the side of the road, kind souls hosing us down with water as we passed by, lots of smiles and go get em signs and even the traffic police were giving us the thumbs up.

I finished in about 3hours and 6minutes.  Just over 14min/miles.  As I crossed the finish line I huffed and puffed it and ran across for the cameras.  A crown on my head, a pink boa around my neck and a medal hanging off the shoulders I was good to go and couldn’t stop smiling.  Once finished we were given a rose and guided to the champagne and picture area.  I knew better than to attempt to drink any alcohol so I headed right tot the portrait area.  I wanted my picture taken with the DIVA background and though the line was long and the sun was hot, I was waiting.  Ok, I admit, I did search out the bananas, bagels, pizza, granola bars, etc. as I stood in line.  I was hungry.  Another strange thing happened.  My hubby Bill found me and took a few photos, as a matter of fact, one of the photos above was taken prior to me passing out cold.  I told my husband how bad I wanted my picture taken but I really knew that I shouldn’t be stopping like this and standing still right after a 13.1 mile event.  But dammit, I wanted that picture and I deserved that picture.  As we stood in line my vision got blurry and than I told Bill I couldn’t see.  He kept saying “your fine honey, drink some water”.  I drank some more water and my vision became a little clearer, but not for long this time.  Next thing out of my mouth was “I’m going to pass out”.  Bill says, “no honey, your not going to pass out, drink some water”.  I drank some more water and I repeated that I really didn’t feel quite right and I was really gonna pass out.  When he said to drink some more water my final reply was “I don’t want more water”. I was gonna go down and I just knew it.  I reached over to grab something and found myself waking up on the ground with a lot of nice people all around me trying to help and telling me to drink some water.  After a bit of time being shaded by legs in the hot sun I was picked up by some strong young men, wheeled off onto a stretcher and safely tucked away in the medic tent.  There is where I got to see my sister.  I kept wanting to see my sister and make sure she was ok.  She was! I really hugged her as hard as I could, but I know it wasn’t a very strong hug cause not one part of me was feeling very strong at that moment.

Enough with the water and ice.  I wanted ice-cream.  I wanted something sweet.  It took awhile to get myself pulled back together.  A couple tries standing on my own.  Walking in my socks felt good though.  We made it to the car and the next stop was ice-cream.  I ate that ice-cream good.  Forget the water.  Ice cream is the way to go.  From there I was whisked to the motel room, showered, then packed and we were headed home.  But wait, not until my hubby got his sea-food meal.  I’m thinking “really?” I could have gone for another dish of ice-cream, but now I got to sit through a sea-food feast.  I guess it was the least I could do.  I talked some sense into my brain and convinced myself I needed to eat a good meal too.  I confess.  IT WAS GOOD!  I slept most of the way home, kissed the puppies hello and then headed off to bed early.

It is three days later and I’m still a DIVA going strong.  Wow, what a time we had.  I’ll do it all over again too.  Gonna find my next big adventure and start training again. 

And why will I do it again?  Cause it’ll all be worth it.

P.S. Did I mention I am down 62lbs as of my last weigh-in yesterday? That is right, It’ll all be worth it


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