In the rain

My sister and her friend arrived yesterday and though we had a lot of catching up to do, we had to get our long run/shuffle in to prepare for our half-marathon this coming Sunday at the beach.  It rained, rained and then rained some more the entire workout.  Cindy did about two miles more than me, but I think I still got wetter than she did.  The guys greeted us at the door as we pulled ourselves together.  That hot shower felt so good.  Cindy was all about stretching and working out the kinks and all I could think of was hot water and hot food.  I did manage to enjoy a cold light beer with the pizza and that was a little bit of heaven too. 

This morning I am a bit sore and my muscles hurt and I really want to go back to bed.  Her and Marcel are off to Savannah, GA to enjoy their day-off and vacation.  Five O’clock can’t come soon enough for me though. 

I think I am going to be ready for my bucket list half-marathon.  I’m going to be thinking of my Nadia and imagining how hard it is for her at boot camp and if she can do it then I can certainly do this.  It’s gonna be fun and

It’ll all be worth it


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