A family affair

This is about to turn into one of the best weekends ever for my family.  This morning my husband is helping our youngest, Emma, pack up and move out of her dorm and on Sunday she is off to spend the summer in Georgia.  She is going to be working there and saving up money for a car and hopes to move to the beach by fall.  Nadia is going to be arriving around 4pm today for her last family weekend with us before she heads to the Coast Guard for basic training in a week.  Natasha is bringing Kami with her to help us celebrate all these new adventures and some awesome family time.

I’m getting excited for Saturday morning when we will all participate in the Recovery Road Race here in Sumter, SC.  Three will be walking the 5k and the other three will be walking the 10k.  I plan to make those girls put a little pop in their step though.  I am planning on making a huge pasta supper for everyone Friday nite and have plenty of energy power bars and bananas on hand.  I do need to run to the store and stock up on some liquid “gold” fuel. hahaha

For my training this week I did an 11.8 mile walk/jog and I was very pleased to have done it in under the 15min/mile pace I need for the DIVA half-marathon in May.  I am feeling confident that I will be within the time frame for finishing.  I want that medal so bad!!!  Muscles felt pretty good the day after, but a strange thing is going on in my gut.  My upper stomach area has been hurting since the morning after.  Not sure if it has anything to do with eating or digesting food or just bruised from the strain of impact during all these training miles.  I am hoping as another day goes by the pain will ease up.

I was wondering if I should listen to music during the half marathon and I have officially decided that YES, I need to.  After all, my sister will be so much farther ahead of me during the half-marathon.  I will get to enjoy her company before and after the event.  After about 7 or 8 miles I run out of “those voices inside my head” that tell me how great I am and how I can do it!!  My country music will help the miles go by faster and there is always something in country music that one can find inspiration from.

Another thing that had me wondering was should I or should I not wear my contacts?  I’m thinking NOT, but still not sure.  Even with a sweat band my sweat runs into my eyes and can burn something awful.  I’m even thinking of ditching one sweat band at the half way mark and putting a dry one on.  How do I combat that problem?  I’m on the look out for a new pair of sunglasses also.  I guess as time gets closer I better get to looking for a pair.  I’ve much to do between now and then, so I better get moving cause in order for it all to be worth it, I got to work for it

It will all be worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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