I wonder how much my pinky weighs? LOL

Lose It Big

I was totally shocked at the weigh in this morning. I guess I shouldn’t be too shocked. I can see the finish line of this competition and I know I can win. I told my wife I am all in. I said I was going to make drastic changes just to get that win. One change I made was I started Insanity along with my regular runs of 3-5 miles a day. I am one week into it and I guess it has paid off. I am at 142 pounds. That is 4.4 pounds down from last week. I cut out cheating for this last stretch. Up until this post, I would cheat by eating any of those great snacks my kids have – some jelly beans, chocolates, marshmallows, etc. I could list more. I wouldn’t eat much but, I wouldn’t stop myself from stealing a bite or five. I…

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