I did it

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I tied for third place in the female age group 40-49! How awesome is that? Ok, so there were only four of us in that age group, but I was the oldest and had the most disabilities. I’d say that makes me a winner.

It was all TRAIL trekking too. The race started off downhill on gravel, then up-hill on dirt, around the turns in sand, through  fields full of bugs and lots and lots of sunshine. I was able to partner up with another gal for the last couple of miles. Cheryl sure helped me to keep up my pace and as we crossed that finish line with big smiles on our faces. Our time was 1:20:21 with a pace of 12:56 min/mile. I had such a great time.

After the race I headed to Francis Marion to pick up my daughter Emma and we treated ourselves to a great lunch at FATZ CAFE. I figured since I ended up walking up and down to her three story high dorm helping to load some stuff up to ease the final move out of the dorms for the summer I needed a little more of a treat. They have the best Club sandwich.

Home relaxing now. I think I enjoyed my shower almost as much as I enjoyed the 10k. I have my race tee-shirt on and I’m basking in my victory.

it’ll all be worth it!!!



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