2012 Challenge

That is right, the DIVA challenge I set last year is quickly approaching.  I am a little anxious about it, but very motivated.  My sister is coming in from PA the week of and we will be able to share the strategy of food fuel that entire week.  I will get to take her on some of my training routes and share some of my secrets.  I can’t wait to hear her tricks on training too.

My work out at the gym was a bit of a struggle yesterday.  My knees were popping on the bike and the elliptical was making me feel all out of whack.  I don’t like to walk or even simulate walking  anytime my knees are forced to go over my feet.  Does that make sense?  I wear size 11 sneaker and where my hands have to hold the machine it makes my knees feel crammed and my body not so lined up.  I may have to rethink that training.  It is all about what is best on my knees and posture right now.  I can’t afford anymore knee problems.  As it is I am funding the ace bandage and tape for stock holders already.

I really would like to drop another 5 pounds by the DIVA half marathon challenge, but I also want to be sure to stay fueled for the training.  I switched to gummy adult vitamins because the others were making me sick and queezy mid-morning.  So far so good and I am happy with the switch.  It makes me feel like a kid too! I still take my calcium supplements in CHEW form so I am good to go.  I have to stop getting into those SnackWell creme cookies though.  They are killing me!!!

Tonight it will be pasta, no sauce, but plenty of cheese.  I signed up for a 10k in Florence this weekend and want to be ready.  I will have a chance to wear my new compression capri length running pants.  I actually bought them off the rack in an X-large.  No plus size for this woman!!! I can’t wait for weigh-in Tuesday.  I am hoping to top the 60lb weight loss mark.

I will be sure and take pictures with my IPHONE tomorrow morning and post my results.  Hoping the result is FINISHING in one piece.  I’m going to do this alone and that is my fear factor challenge for the day.  I have a new GPS and printed directions and just hope and pray I don’t get lost.  I have no sense of direction.  Good thing is I am not afraid to stop and ask, but would hate to wake someone at that early hour in the morning.  Well, off I go til tomorrow when I will be able to say once again:

It’ll all be worth it!!!!!!!


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