More than just sweat

I not only picked up more than just a new wardrobe over the past two weeks.  With the new look came new workouts.  I walked another 10 miles as part of my training for next month’s half-marathon, and today I am tired and sore.  I did manage to walk the route in under 15 min-miles though, but only within a 5 second factor. Ugh, more training in store for me and more tries to get this knee from feeling the strain.  I did manage to drop another 1.8 pounds this week and that puts me to a total loss of 58 pounds.  Thinking to myself, “the more I lose, the less my knee has to carry”.  Oh how I hope it is that easy.

My daughter Nadia is getting ready to go off to boot camp with the Coast Guard and she will be coming for a visit the end of April and we will do a 10k together.  It’s a mommy daughter thing and I am looking forward to it.  I can’t believe the DIVA half marathon is just around the corner.  I have to step up my training before slowing down to get ready.  I am going to put a meal plan together to help me with energy prior to the event and navigate a way to stay extra hydrated on these long walks.  If I could just run it would be over so much faster.  The casualty of knee replacement surgery.  Oh well, it’ll all be worth it


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