An Adventure

How does a grown women get hurt? I’ll tell you! She walks on a treadmill for 25 minutes without band-aids on her heels. The burn turns into  a blister that can burn even the sun’s hottest rays on an 80 degree day down  south.  Then she decides three days later that the natural shea butter has been working and it is time to get back into the full swing of training.  She kisses her husband good bye as she heads out the door with her IPHONE 4S plugged up to country music and her heels over protected with padding and tape.  30 minutes into a fast paced walk she manages to feel awkward pain in her good knee, but tumbles to the ground landing on her knee replacement! First reaction is to reach out and protect yourself with your hands, but in this case the first reaction was too late.  Face smack dab in the center of the lane.  You might be wondering what happened next.  Let me tell you.  I looked to see if anyone saw me! *grin* smh

As I dusted the dirt off my shins and assessed the damage, it appeared I was  good enough to continue, but with a lot more caution then before.  And then it happened.  Only twenty minutes into the walk, in a hidden area behind the golf course on Cyprus Park Trail, I stumbled yet again.  This time skinning my knee and bruising my ego.  The head phones came off as I struggled to reach for my phone trapped in the runner’s pack.  A frantic 911 call home for assistance.  It went like this, “Bill, come get me!!!”  After realizing I needed to calm down and explain exactly where I was he assured me I would be just fine and he was on his way.  It wasn’t long after that I saw my knight in shining armor heading toward me on the trail.  Still tattered and dirty he helped clean me up and escort me to a waiting vehicle for a quick escape home without anyone noticing.

Turns out only one knee got scratched up and bruised, but the shoulder I had just had a steroid shot in less than a week before had taken most of the impact during the second fall.  My ego was most bruised of all.  On the good side, my blister wasn’t bothering me at all.  Pain

Weight Watcher weigh-in was Tuesday and I managed to come through that with a 1.8 loss making my total loss 53.6 pounds.  Bill may have been my hero for the week, but the scale was less appreciative of his efforts.  He gained 1.6 pounds, but I didn’t rub it in. *smile*

By Wednesday I had picked myself up and got right back in my walking sneakers and headed out the door with the music blaring and my husband wishing me a safe training walk.  I am happy to say I got right back in the saddle and did just fine and now I know once again it’ll all be worth it!!!!!


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