We had so much fun this past week!!! I don’t even know where to begin.  It all started Wed. evening when Natasha and Kami drove from Atlanta, GA to our home in SC.  Thursday we took our time traveling to Nadia and Matt’s place in Hertford, NC where we met up with my sister Cindy from PA.  We all enjoyed the hot-tub, the food, the laughs and the wii dancing games as we prepared for Saturday’s VA is for Lover’s 14k event in VA Beach.  We headed out the door a few minutes after 6AM and the chatter was all about wondering if it would rain during the race, should we wear layers of short sleeves or long sleeves, wondered how many port-a-potties would be on hand and do we all have our change of clothing, etc?  Well, we almost all had our change of clothing, but I forgot and left mine by the door. Go figure!!! But all would be fine.

After securing our bib numbers to our attire, we hurried off to the potties and straight to the gym to see what we might be missing.  A few snaps of the camera later and another visit to the potties we headed to coral #4 for the start.  Natasha and Kami cheered us on at the start.  It wasn’t but a second or two after the masses passed Nadia and I that we knew Cindy and Matt were long gone ahead.  Side by side we stuck it out and found various things to gaze at and laugh about.  The funniest being that I just had to make it my goal to pass anyone that might have a bigger &*%$ than me. Kind of like playing license tag road games and what color car can you spot games, only this one was more personal to me.  I almost forgot, a big bird nearly pooped on Nadia’s head as we passed the last station that handed out M & M’s.  Such a Valentine Treat that would have been!

My son in law, Matt Laub, Rescue Swimmer for the U.S. Coast Guard placed 128 out of about 4,000 participants.  Cindy finished just 20 minutes after Matt and Nadia left me at the 7 mile marker to let everyone know I was on my way.  I guess I picked up my pace and did a little high step jog and instead of finishing in 2 1/2 hours, I managed to finish with a time of 2 hours and 1 minute.  THEY ALL MISSED MY FINISH LINE  FINISH, except Nadia! Once we were all back together it was awesome to hear how they couldn’t believe I finished that quick and I must have passed them minutes before they even got in their places for photo ops.  Good thing there were professional photographers along the route and at the finish.  I can also tell you that hearing your name and city announced as you cross that finish line is TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

Free beer, valentine flowers, VA is for Lover’s 14k medallion and plenty of Gatorade to replenish your fuel greeted us at the finish.  All and all, it was the best time yet!!! and so



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