January 30, 2012

I was so excited to see the official results of the 5k Resolution Race this past weekend.  I broke the 13 min/mile barrier and couldn’t wait to share it with my sister and my girls.  Talk about being “grandma proud!.  My little darling angel Kami is going to have the fittest grandma, or “MaMa” as she calls me, around.

I decided on Sunday that I would have Bill drop me off on the other side of town so I could walk home.  You’re probably wondering, “who in their right mind does that sort of thing?”  I can answer that easily, ME! I went on an 8.95 mile training walk trying to get myself ready for the VA is for Lovers 14k next month.  And let me add, a hot soak in the tub was great afterwards.  I think I am going to give my legs a rest from walking the first part of the week and hit the ANYTIME fitness gym til the weekend.

The Weight Watcher Points Plus program is still going strong in our household and Bill has accompanied me to the gym several times this month, so wish us luck on weigh-in tomorrow.  Will keep you posted and as always



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