Friday the 13th!!!

It’s nearly the middle of January and I still don’t have a New Year’s resolution.  I’m wondering, do I really need one?  Seriously now, they say change doesn’t happen if you continue to do the same thing over and over again.  Well, every year I make a New Year’s resolution and nothing changes.  So why not start this new year off with CHANGE!.  I’ve talked myself into it.  That is exactly what I am going to do.  I’m going with the wind at my back and the ruby red slippers on my feet (that is if they will fit on a size 11 foot).  I would probably be 5 lbs lighter if it weren’t for my two big feet, but I’m happy just to brag that I am officially Weight Watcher weighed in this week at 42lbs less than when we started the end of August 2011.  Say it with me “YIPPY” it works!

Bummer of a workout last evening.  My left knee started with some sharp pings that turned to pain and then got alittle untolerable and ended up hobbling to my car.  It was a very “ucky” kind of feeling and a tad bit distressful.  As I dragged myself up into the drivers seat I had this terrible thought, “am I going to be okay for my 14k in Feb.?” Yup, the tears started flowing.  That is why it is better to take it one day at a time and not dwell on some New Year’s resolution with some goal that might get blocked.  You have to think quick on your feet and be flexible at times like this.  I can’t be getting all depressed about a month from now in VA doing my first 14k in goodness knows how long.  I have to be thinking about the present and what I need to do to keep this knee from killing me anymore and healing and changing my training schedule.  I got to be positive cause it will all be worth it!!!

Perhaps it was just the two days prior working out at the gym that I might have overdone it.  I’ll rest a couple days and try some non weightbearing excercises.  Yup, that might just work.  I just have to think positive.

It will all be worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. My poor knee


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