December 13, 2011


Weigh-in has come and gone. Unfortunately, this week I have been tied up at the office and was not able to make my weekly visit to Weight Watchers. On the positive side, Bill lost 1.8 lbs this week and I do believe that puts him at a weight loss of 29lbs. We have both been doing very good with our points plus system.

Over the past couple weeks we lost a dear friend named Angie in a tragic way. Angie is my son-in-law’s sister, but dear to our hearts as a family member should be. We traveled to GA for her funeral and were blessed to be able to pay our respects at her “Going Home” service. This past week my grand-father Ken passed away at the age of 94 and was laid to rest just yesterday in PA. Our little angel of a grand-daughter lost her puppy to an untimely illness in the wake of all this sadness. It has been a very low keyed couple of weeks for us. In the midst of our grieving, we had an ex stir up some old baggage and some step children reign their ill natured rath on the family. What ever happened to blood is thicker than water? I guess the person quoting that phrase never had grown step children who can’t manage to put their big girl panties on each day. Do I dare even mention the devil in some church members lately? I will be so glad to bring in 2012. I may even stay up and welcome the year in with a toast.

All and all, our Weight Watcher plan has been a success and we will continue through with it in the coming year. I have lost 32 pounds and my clothing is fitting very nicely and Bill is looking just as good. I have been exercising and walking every other day and looking forward to my sister’s visit tomorrow evening. On Saturday we will participate in the 3rd Annual Columbia half marathon (Cindy doing half marathon), me, I’m doing the 5k. I am very excited!

If you haven’t checked out ,  it is a great site for running and walking apparel. Look at the neat headgear! I am surprising my sister with a couple of them.

And as the story goes…………………………………..

It will all be worth it!!!!!!!!


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