November 29, 2011


I know it has been awhile since my last post, but it is so going to be worth it to type this out, I LOST 3.8 POUNDS OVER THE THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY!!!!  Does a diet plan get any better than that? On the flip side, guess who’s hubby is skipping weigh-in today? MINE!!! Did somebody cheat? Rolling on Floor Laughing, but knocking on wood floor at the same time.

We had pecan pie, pumpkin pie, chocolate cream pie, stuffing, mashed potatoes, turkey, gravy, green beans, deviled eggs, rolls and I’m sure there were a few other dishes on the table I am forgetting about.  I made a pot roast the day prior for Emma and her friend from college to enjoy and my famous chicken(turkey) bog the day after.  My plan was to taste everything, and that I did, with the exception of the pecan pie.  Since having a tooth pulled the day before Thanksgiving I didn’t want to risk the pecans messing with any healing.

I also walked my longest walk over the holiday.  I put in 8.2 miles with an average pace of 15:36min. per mile.  I had a super duper work out at Anytime Fitness on Sunday and even awoke Monday morning for a two mile walk at 5:30AM.  I’m putting in the time and putting in the effort and boy will

it all be worth it


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