October 25, 2011


Weigh In Day SUCCESS!  At least for me that is. Bill gained a whopping .4lbs.  My good self lost 2.4lbs and with the 1lb un-documented loss I discovered last week, my total weight loss is now 22.4lbs.  I am so hyped about this.  Bill and I have lost over 40lbs combined.  I broke the 250 margin and am down to 249.4lbs and loving it.

The pants I always wear on Tuesdays to weigh in are really sagging these days.  I can actually pull them down without unbuttoning and unzipping them.  Bill was showing me yesterday that he can do the same with his original sized jeans.  Shopping time.  Bill was so excited about his weight loss that he had me take a picture of him standing side-ways and send it to his sister and mom.  That’s my man!

I got an IPHONE4S and downloaded this neat application.  It is mapmyrun (walk). I used it last night at the park.  I walked two laps around and it totaled 2.20 miles and I averaged 15.3 minutes a mile.  I was so excited that I emailed the results to my sister Cindy.  This is really going to help me keep track of my workouts better.  I will keep you posted on new apps as the weeks go by.

It will all be worth it


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