October 21, 2011


It was a magical night last evening at Dillon Park.  I was eager to head to the walking trail after my meeting at the church.  It was me and another solo runner under the moon.  The moon lit up the area with very little help from the park’s nite lights.  I didn’t give walking in the dark any negative thoughts.  I have had too happy of a feeling since I found out I wasn’t doing laps, but rather miles at a time.  I was pumped as my stride grew faster and faster to the country music blasting through my headphones.  What a great feeling to be accomplishing something after all.

One hard to explain issue that I seem to coming up against is my craving for Skinny Cow ice-cream treats.  What is a gir to do?  All I want in the evenings is my Skinny Cow.  How long can I go before this bad habit affects my weight loss or nutrition goals? YIKES!! I better be a little more self concious about getting more veggies and less ice-cream in me.  All in all, I still don’t go over my Points-Plus limits.  I just need more balance in the points I eat.

Bill purchased two new pair of jeans yesterday and it was very noticeable how good he is looking.  He came to my work and took me out for dinner and I immediately saw I trimmed up specimen of a hunky husband walk in.  I in turn pulled some jeans out of my closet this morning and who would have ever guessed, they fit.  It had been awhile since I purchased them and haven’t been able to zip them up, but this morning they went right up and are fitting very comfortable.  Some day I will be in some skinny jeans and

It will all have been worth it


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