October 19, 2011


I have the funniest news to share.  My girlfriend, Lisa, lives in PA and told me how she went on her three mile walk last evening and completed  it in about 40 minutes.  This was bothering me something terrible because here I was internally pouting that it takes me so very long to complete a mile.  She is doing three miles in less time than I can do one mile.  I know I am overweight and have a knee replacement, two back surgeries, major internal surgeries and a host of other surgeries behind me, but still…….why is it so hard for me to walk just one mile?  I finally figured it out!!

On my way to the mailbox,  my mind was pondering the strategic tactics I need to take to accomplish my fitness goals.  I remembered the old high school track in the small town I grew up in.  As I was envisioning it, it dawned on me that the track seemed smaller back there than the laps at my local park.  I started comparing the two tracks in my head and the distance just wasn’t adding up.  That is when it hit me.  Four laps around a high school football field is one mile–ONE lap around my local park’s track IS a mile.  All this time I had it in my head that four laps makes a mile.  What was I thinking?  I knew that, but somehow, since starting Weight Watchers, I forgot about it.  I must have been daydreaming about getting back in shape like I was back in the day and everything just turned to routine as though I was in a time machine. How funny do I feel?

I immediately picked up my phone and shared the great news with my little sister Cindy.  After all, her new found hobby of running and competing in races got me motivated on the physical aspects of a healthy life style change.  I can’t wait to share the news with my best friend.  She will probably bust out laughing at me like crazy.  I am usually the one laughing on the other end of the phone.  This will make her day!

Weigh-in was yesterday and even though I lost another 1.8lbs and am very proud of myself, I believe there is a weight loss error I need to have corrected next week.  My starting weight and my weight yesterday is exactly 20lbs different.  I LOST TWENTY POUNDS! But, the Weight Watcher representative only wrote 19lbs total loss.  I have exceeded my 5% goal and picked up a nice purple star for the achievement.  Bill also lost 1.8lbs.  This is the second week in a row that we both lost 1.8lbs and that feels great!

I’m not feeling so bad about purchasing a new pair of sneakers and some more tape to protect my feet from blisters anymore, cause obviously I deserve those wounds.  I walked 5 miles one day!! Too funny.

It will all be worth it!


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