October 12, 2011


Happy Anniversary to me!!! 16 years of wedded bliss (well, nearly all blissful).  We started off the weigh-in this week with a bang.  Both Bill and I lost 1.8 pounds and that means Bill has reached the 20lb weight loss goal and I am steadily climbing to it.  It won’t be long til I reach it either.

We still prefer the Skinny Cow ice-cream sandwhiches.  We did branch out and tried the choc. and raspberry popsicles and purchased another box of Weight Watcher ice-cream bars.  They are a nice treat when you can have a Skinny Cow and still have points left over. haha

I made a fabulous curry chicken dish that my son in law introduced us to a couple weekends ago.  Emma was home for fall break and we all enjoyed our Sunday meal together.  Lots of green, red and yellow peppers with onions.  Yummy

My sore throat has been diminishing and I feel like I should be able to start back with my exercising.  I am looking forward to it.  Two weeks of sick days is enough.  We did attend a wedding this week and the food on display was out of this world! Pork, cake, roasted pecans, chicken, grits and shrimp and tons more delicious treats, but we did it.  One plate each and very carefully hand picked items that kept us well within our Weight Watcher Points Plus Plan.  We skipped the cake and went home to our Skinny Cows.  What a treat it was!!!

It’ll all be worth it


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