October 6, 2011


Tuesday was another successful weigh-in for both Bill and me.  I lost 2.2lbs, which puts me just over the 15lb weight loss mark.  I was sure to ask for my star immediately since I knew I wasn’t staying for the meeting.  Bill lost 1.4 pounds and has almost reached a 20lb lost.

Since our trip to Atlanta to visit our daughter and her family neither Bill or I have been up to a good work out.  Fortunate for hubby’s job that he walks alot during the day and his cutting the grass yesterday he was able to get in some excerise.  Unfortunate for me that I was exhausted Monday and Tues. and Wed. felt a sore throat coming on.  I’ve been sitting at my job all day and seem to be sitting at home during the evening and hoping I will feel better by the week’s end.

Point wise, we are doing great.  Haven’t taken any detours from our Weight Watcher’s Point-Plus plan and for now we are satisfied.  I’m ready to do a little experimenting with some food choices so I’ll be sure to write down any good receipes I come across.

Tonight I am serving up a dish of black-eyed peas and rice.  I’m sure

It will all be worth it



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