October 1, 2011


If ever I thought I was making positive strides, it would be today while we were visiting Atlantic Station’s Bar-B-Q Festival in Atlanta, Georgia.  WOW….I had a couple mini tastes and a small portion of chicken with some Bar-B-Q sauce.  I did enjoy a few big sips of my daughter’s margarita on a couple of occassions when she asked if I would hold her cup.  But hey, I only had one blueberry muffin with a big cup of coffee and then my awesome taste of Atlanta’s Bar-B-Q.

I know the day isn’t over and my son-in-law has spent a good bit of time in the kitchen this evening making us a fabulous Chicken Curry Dish……I have saved some points to allow me to enjoy this fabulous meal.  Did I mention that we stopped at Walmart earlier so Bill and I could stock up on our Skinny Cow ice-cream sandwhiches? I can’t imagine anyone would have actually thought we could go without our favorite dessert.  Our grand-daughter let out a whopping “WOW” when she saw her papa pull them out of the freezer and gently place them in the shopping cart.  A few heads turned to look at what the excitment was all about.  Yes, shoppers…….it’s the Skinny Cow Excitment! haha

Going to sit back and enjoy the Alabama game with the family in front of the big screen and enjoy the kids before we head back to Sumter tomorrow.  I didn’t get to workout at the gym or go for a power walk, but Natasha reminded me that we walked all around Atlanta Station and took the steps and that guaranteed me a work out…….

It’ll All Be Worth It


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