September 20, 2011


I was so excited this morning.  I decided since I had an event to go to this evening I would head over to weight watchers for my weekly weigh-in at the 10:00AM meeting.  It was awesome! I lost a whole whopper of 3 lbs.  It just doesn’t get much better than that at a weigh-in.  The exercise and the Points Plus system is really starting to show.  After last weeks .4 lb lost I am on cloud nine.

I did go for a walk last evening.  The proactive blister regimen I’ve been doing continues to work; however, I may need to add some treatment to the bottom of my left heel.  After 3 laps I was forced to call it quits due to a burning sensation that made me think the skin on my heel was about to burn off completely.

On another note, you might be wondering how my wonderfully high metabolism husband did this week.  He says he felt bad for me last week and sabotaged his own weight loss, but i DON’T believe him.  He gained 2 lbs.  I say it has to do with the McDonald drive-thru, his third Thursday meal at the gun-club and his lack of writing down everything he eats.  Wouldn’t you say so?

Time for a Crisp Pink Apple! and

It’ll all be worth it!


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