September 19, 2011


I met most of my exercising goals for the past week.  On Thursday Bill spent the evening at the Indigo Club (gun club) while I had a good work out at the gym.  Anytime Fitness wasn’t too crowded and I got to meet up with some folks I hadn’t seen in a while.  I managed to do a leisurely 16 minute ride on the virtual bike and than a good moderate pace for 3.9 miles.  Once that was complete I took to the machines for some leg toning exercises.  I finished the workout with a 20 minute workout on the eliptical.  All and all I earned myself a couple extra Points Plus  WHOOWEE!

Feeling even more impressed with my exercising I decided to do three laps around the track at Dillon Park on Saturday.  I somehow managed to do each lap in 18 minutes…that would be a 72 minute mile.  YIKES, I have a long way to go.  I did make a quick stop to CVS beforehand to purchase some blister block, sports tape and a new sneaker insert.  I’m so glad I did….No blisters this time around.

Bill and I took Emma back to college yesterday (Sunday) and we stopped in at the Harris Teeter grocery store.  We found Bill’s favorite apples.  Crisp Pink has the best flavor that we have found so far.  We did pick up a key-lime Smart-One (holds to mini-pies) and ate them on the way home.  We felt so devilish doing so.  We have decided that there are more choices for our new menu at this store and made a note to always take a cooler with us when we take Emma back after her weekend visits home.

Tomorrow is Tuesday and

It’ll all be worth it


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