September 13, 2011

It has been about two weeks now and Bill and I are going stronger than ever with our Points Plus program.  To date, Bill as lost 12 pounds and I have reached a total loss of 9.6 pounds.

I told one of my friends that we dropped three 7lb babies between us.  Hysterical way of thinking I guess, but it sure is something we moms can relate to.

I will admit that our trips to the grocery store are much more interesting than previously.  We have felt the need to search out healthy meals that remain low on points.  Our favorite desert continues to be the  Skinny Cow icecream sandwiches.  Recently I made a mad dash to Food Lion, Piggly Wiggly and even Bi-Low–non of which stocked our favorites.  I prefer the chocolate with mint and Bill prefers the strawberry shortcake flavor.  Finally, I headed to Walmart and low and behold good ol’ Walmart had them in stock.  I still wonder what the lady at the register was thinking when I piled six boxes high of each?

We did start  a new phase to our Weight Watcher Points Plus plan this past week.  I bought my hubby a bike (not the kind with a motor either).  We went on our first bicycle ride together and it was awesome!  I will try and post pictures as soon as I can.  Equally excited that we heard our grand-daughter rode her bike without training wheels for the first time that same day.  I did go for two long bike rides over the weekend without Bill, but only because we have to take baby steps with him.  It has been over 40 years since he has been on a bicycle.  The excercise feels good and I hope we can keep it up.

One of my concerns lately has been the pain in my right hip.  It feels like joint pain.  I’ve had some pain in the past in that hip, but it has always managed to disappear as fast as it came.  It concerns me that I am feeling the pain on a daily basis and not sure what I need to do about it.  I will continue my stretching and bike riding.  It doesn’t bother me when I’m riding bike as much as it does when I am walking.  So we will see in the coming weeks if it gets better on it’s own.

Another highlight of our Weight Watcher adventure was going through the cabinets.  We put everything that would tempt us in a bag and took it to a local mission.  Out of sight, out of mind they say!  Then we figured up what the points would be on the other items and marked them with a black marker.  Next, I began a new menu with our new Weight Watcher cookbook.  Later that night we tried the whole wheat noodles, chicken, onions and low fat cheeses in what we call our new Spaghetti recipe, or should I label it our first homemade Points Plus recipe? Either way, it was really really Delicious.

Our lowest point during the last couple weeks was when we lost our beloved english setter–Jake.  He spent nearly 12 years with us and became our best friend.  Emma was home from college the weekend he passed and we will all miss him dearly.

Tonight is another weigh-in and I am looking forward to it.  I’m pretty sure I hit the 10lb  or more of weight loss and can pick up another  5lb star.  Bill isn’t so quick to raise his hand for his stars.  We only just realized that he met his 5% weight loss goal the other night and he didn’t even pick up his additional 5lb star when he reached 10lbs of weight loss last week.  I’ll work on that with him in the weeks to come.

It’ll all be worth it!


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