First Weigh In

August 23, 2011

We made it to the first weigh-in.  I won’t say I was nervous because I really did feel quite pleased with my willpower and my points.  I slipped those flip-flops off and grinned in delight with a 4.6 pound weight loss.  I turned to Bill and asked his results.  Bill said he lost .6 pounds and that he could have ate at Outback and did the same.  I did see some disappointment in his face, but I just couldn’t help high-5ing myself as I told him that is what he gets for eating two cups of cereal and not watching his points closer.  But you won’t believe what happened next.  I carefully reviewed his weigh-in booklet and it said he lost 6.6 pounds.  After a lengthy discussion, we headed out to ask the girl.  She replied “I just couldn’t say anything when you started celebrating.”  Oh My Goodness! The man lost more weight than me.  He did give me the credit though.  After all, I urged him and cheered him to stay on track all week.  Well, there you have it.  We lost over 10 pounds together the first week and even had some fun doing it.

It will all be worth it


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