August 26, 2011



A friend of mine at work mentioned that Applebee’s has a menu that includes some Weight-Watcher meals.  Bill has felt like he will never be able to eat out again, so we decided to try it out.  I wanted to eat out and it not be such a difficult and time consuming event.  Once at Applebees we grabbed a menu.  Sure enough, there were weight watcher meals included.  I ordered the Steak & Potatoe Salad and Bill chose the talapia with steamed veggies.

We were so excited we could hardly sit still waiting on our meal to arrive.  It didn’t help that Bill kept eyeing the young couple’s fully loaded bacon, cheese hamburger with chili-cheese fries on the side.  I thought our food would never get to us in time.

What a meal!  Being the ever so diligent Weight Watcher members, we opted out of dessert, but we knew we had us some Skinny Cow waiting at home.

Bill is happy

It will all be worth it


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