August 19-21st

Weekend Update

Five O’clock Friday brought it’s own challenge to our date night.  I didnt think we were ready to hit the town running while dining out so we opted to make it simple so we could stretch those points to their MAX.  And that we did!  Ham and cheese on wheat bread and a wonderful Weight Watcher’s ice cream bar for desert.  We headed to bed early so we could move our daughter off to college the next day.

Saturday morning coffee, cereal and fruit and out the door we headed.  With anticipation and excitement we drove to FMU, checked in and were now headed to check out her dorm.  THIRD FLOOR! Wow, several trips up and down throughout the day and a few trips to and from stores for last minute items we neglected to plan for should have earned us a few extra bonus points on that plus points plan.   Exhausted, the crew and I headed to IHOP.  I found a Fit & Trim dish with 420 calories that included turkey bacon, slice of swiss cheese and substitute eggs with a side of fresh fruit.  I so out did myself and didn’t mind bragging about it.  Bill did equally well watching his points.  I never heard him order wheat toast before and check out the jelly to see if they had sugar free.  The night ended well and our points were in tack and on-track.

Sunday morning grocery list included Weight Watchers deserts, skinny cow ice-cream sandwhiches, Smart One meals, Healthy Choice meals and a few lean cuisines to boot.  We topped off the shopping list with apples, oranges, bananas, peaches, 2pts per two slices of bread loaves, diet soda, thin sliced ham for sandwhiches, eggs, Weight Watcher Lemon Cakes and a couple low point snack foods.  Feeling Weight Watcher successful by this time.

Now, for the whole story: I sobbed like a baby the day after we dropped our youngest off at college, my back and knee were killing me from walking up and down three floors all day, our oldest dog (English Setter named Jake) was very ill and wouldn’t eat.  We didn’t know if he was going to make it through the night Sunday.  It is still touch and go.

We did start all the chaos off  by laughing our fool heads off at our Weight Watcher buddy-friend who went to Outback Friday night.  She texted us to see if we had the dining guide nearby.  Yup, that Alice Springs chicken she ordered had about 35 calories in it.  My husband warned her that she only had enough points for a napkin and a spritz (whatever that meant).  My dear sweet husband ended up watering at the mouth looking through the dining guide.  I had to tell him to step away from the book.  He was telling me about all the places we could eat and all the foods we could eat and how great it would be to eat out.  It took a lot of nudging to get him to take it slow and take baby steps.  That is when the ham sandwhiches won out.

It will all be worth it


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