August 17, 2011


It was decided that we would both attack this Weight Watchers thing in a gradual manner.  Bill had his typical Special-K Cornflakes and 2% milk like he does most
mornings.  He appeared quite proud of himself having such a healthy breakfast. I didn’t say anything at first, I just sat on the couch and watched him
enjoy it for awhile, but I just kept couldn’t keep quiet.  I went in and got the box, grabbed that new Weight Watchers calculator that I was dying to learn how to use and proceeded
to tally up his points.  Even I was shocked to find out he had just used 12pts at breakfast and it was only 6:00am.   I immediately learned from his poor choices and neglect of checking things out first and reached for one of the small Kellogg’s breakfast bars.  Needless to say, I had 37points to go and was feeling pretty good about myself.

By the time 9:00am came around, Bill was already on the phone calling me and asking how much I thought a lunch at the Asian Café could cost him in points.  After a quick pep talk he
continued on with his morning.  Me, on the other hand, pulled out my small banana, patting myself on the back for stacking up zero points on that one, began strategically seeing how much I could eat before nite fall and still be within my points limit.

By the time lunch rolled around I got a frantic call, “Toby, I only have six points left.”  What did he do now?It didn’t take long to figure out the fast food drive-up had just cost him nearly all his daily points. He was defeated though, he had 6 points plus left.

Bill met me in the drive way when I returned home from a long day of counting points and immediately told me he was ready to go to the grocery store. I couldn’t help but grin, he was excited about the possibilities of adding to his daily intake.  Sure enough, he confessed that on his way to an appointment this afternoon he stopped by the Pig and purchased some apples so he had something to munch on for the rest of the work day.

From Smart Ones to Morning Star Burgers and fat-free cheeses to fat-free ice cream sandwiches, we shopped like we were pros.  By the time we made it home, unpacked the groceries and whipped together some healthy low maintenance meal choices we were pumped for this new adventure.

The evening hasn’t come to a total bust.  Bill was minus 7 and I showed him how to carry over 7 from his 49plus points and he was satisfied.  Me, on the other hand, I still have 10 more
points to use til bedtime.  I’ve got my eye on this Weight Watchers Ice Cream candy bar and maybe even a couple triscuits.  The evening will top of with an 8oz glass of Arbor Mist.  Yea, I’m pretty pleased with myself and tickled to death that my hubby is pumped to take it to the next level.

It will all be worth it.


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