August 16, 2011


It was another first in our relationship.  Not every couple would agree that a visit to Weight Watchers would top the scales of those “first time highlights”.  It turned out to be a bit more humorous than romantic.

Our day started off with “Bill, I’m so glad we are doing this, because I don’t want to die young.” His subtle reply, “honey that ship has already sailed.”My jaw dropped and I just stood in bewilderment.  I was actually speechless.  He did muttered, “I’m just kidding.”  Okay, so next week when I turn 49 I have it all planned out.  I will stay 49 plus tax from now on!!!

As the day grew longer and longer, I couldn’t quite pin-point how I was feeling about our evening date.  One minute I was excited, the next I felt dread, later in the day I became anxious, but most of all, I just wanted to get it over with.  After all, starting something is half the battle.

It was time Up the steps we went. LPower move…we detoured the elevator!  There must have been a few dozen women standing in line to hit the scales. My poor husband.  I saw him glancing around looking for that male testosterone to bond with.  Fortunately the paper work took his mind off of the male hunt.  It was time now.  The lady looked up and said, “just step on the scale.”  Like a real woman, I slipped my flip-flops off and laid the oversized pocket book down.  There it was. Bill said it wasn’t plastered on a neon sign, but I saw it clear as day.  Smack, right in my face, 271 pounds.  Are you serious, I thought?  Play it cool, just act normal and it will be over in a second.  It was the highest weight I’ve ever seen while looking at a scale and I was on the scale.  I secretly wondered if I should go to an in-house re-hab.  After all, it seems evident I have a problem.

Bill took it like a man too. The only one in the room with heavy jeans on and still keeps his shoes on during weigh-in.  Later I found out he planned it that way.  He said it would be easier to dress lighter and take the shoes off next week if he doesn’t do so good on the Points Plus Plan this week. During the meeting he turns to page 61 in the pocket guide and asks, “What does Sweet & Sour Chicken, 1 mean?” I replied, “1 piece is 3 points  “That didn’t go over too good.  His mourn was crippled with a “NO WAY!”  At that
point he was trying to see if he could buy some of my points.  I was still struggling with him asking me in a louder voice “Hey, how come you get more points than me during the week?”  Leave it to a man not to know that means my oversized body requires more points on the intake than his.  By this time I just want it to be over with.  $26 dollars for the meeting and $60 on supplies, snacks and food and dining companion guides.

As we leave to head home for the day my dear husband looks over to me and says “Our daughter made us baked spaghetti for supper with garlic bread.”  Well, she will be off to college on Saturday so for now I will just suck it up and do without the garlic bread and use a smaller plate to make the appearance of my serving size larger.
It will all be worth it.


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